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By on 21 Dec 2022

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APNIC is adopting a Code of Conduct for nominees in APNIC Executive Council (EC) elections, following decisions made at the December 2022 EC meeting. APNIC has also updated its due diligence procedures for evaluating the eligibility of EC nominees. The procedures are now publicly available in the interests of transparency.

What is the reason for the changes?

In recent EC elections, APNIC was made aware, by Members, of inappropriate conduct by some nominees that was not consistent with community expectations or integrity in the election process.

Some of the issues raised related to the offering of money or gifts for votes, and the abuse of APNIC whois data for the purpose of sending unsolicited (spam) emails to Members by nominees or their associates.

While these issues have not been widespread, and have not impacted election outcomes, it’s apparent that expectations regarding nominee conduct should be clearly stated so there is no confusion. An appropriate mechanism for reporting any misconduct was also needed.

Similarly, in the spirit of transparency and accountability, it’s important Members are aware of a nominee’s eligibility and any breaches of the EC election Code of Conduct before the announcement of the election results. This is so Members can make a fully informed decision when casting their vote.

Code of Conduct for EC nominees

The Code of Conduct has been developed to promote a high standard of professional and ethical conduct expected of all nominees and to ensure the election process remains transparent and fair.

The Code of Conduct will be overseen by an Elections Conduct Chair who will be selected by the EC and supported by the Secretariat in carrying out their duties.

If you become aware of any behaviour that breaches the EC nominee Code of Conduct, please report the behaviour to

Enhanced due diligence procedures for EC elections

As part of the improvements to the due diligence procedures, the nominations form for EC elections has been improved to include:

  • The nominee’s full legal name (in both Latin script and their local script, if applicable) so verification and background searches can be conducted where necessary.
  • Declarations of the nominee’s eligibility to serve as an EC member if elected.
  • Consent for the APNIC Secretariat to publish the information provided and conduct relevant searches.

The due diligence process is overseen by APNIC’s General Counsel.

For more information on eligibility requirements, please see the EC nominations FAQ.

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