APNIC EC endorses policy changes to IPv4 allocations

By on 9 Apr 2019

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The APNIC Executive Council (EC) has now endorsed the adoption of three policy proposals that reached consensus at APNIC 47 and completed the one month comment period with no objections.

Prop-127 “Change maximum delegation size of 103/8 IPv4 address pool to a /23”, prop-128 “Multihoming not required for ASN”, and prop-129 “Abolish waiting list for unmet IPv4 requests” will now be implemented by the APNIC Secretariat.

As directed by the APNIC EC, prop-127 will be implemented immediately, ending the previous interim arrangement.  The maximum IPv4 delegation available from APNIC from the 103/8 address pool is now a /23.

Prop-128 and prop-129 will be implemented within the minimum three month time period outlined by the policy development process.

Prop-129 will see the closure of the IPv4 waiting list and all allocations of recovered IPv4 addresses will be processed under the same policy as delegations from 103/8.  APNIC is no longer accepting new applications for the waiting list, and existing waiting list requests may not be met before the policy is implemented.

The three proposals will soon begin a one month editorial comment period.

Visit the APNIC Policy pages to find out more on recent proposals and how to participate.

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