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By on 7 Jan 2019

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Part of the ‘Three of the best’ series, highlighting the most popular posts from the past 12 months.

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic for network operators around the region, with BGP hijacking and terabit DDoS attacks continually being reported in the news and on this blog.

Below are the top three posts related to security for 2018:

  1. ARTEMIS: neutralizing BGP hijacking within a minute — ARTEMIS (Automatic and Real-Time dEtection and MItigation System), is a defence system that can be used by operators to protect their own network from BGP prefix hijacking events — detecting prefix hijacking events within seconds and neutralizing them within a minute — orders of magnitude faster than with current practices.
  2. DDoS defences in the terabit era — This three-part series takes a look at increasingly sophisticated and higher volume DDoS attacks, and how you can prepare yourself against them.
  3. Understanding the spoofing problem — IP source address spoofing is regularly leveraged in amplification and reflection attacks. Franziska Lichtblau shares her research into why it continues to be a problem within the industry, even though we have the technical means to prevent IP spoofing.

What cybersecurity concerns do you have for the future? Share your comments below.

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