Event Wrap: 31st TWNC IP OPM and TWNOG

By on 20 Dec 2018

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Paul Wilson giving the keynote presentation.

APNIC participated at the 31st TWNIC IP Policy Meeting and the second TWNOG meeting of 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan from 27 to 28 November 2018.

TWNIC holds these regular meetings to discuss policies and the latest developments relevant to the local Internet operator community.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson gave the first keynote speech on the next generation of Internet number registry services, namely RDAP and RPKI.

  • George Kuo gave a presentation on ‘Understanding current IPv4 depletion management’ among the RIRs during the TWNIC Policy SIG session.

  • George met with APNIC Members to discuss their enquiries on IPv4 transfers, RPKI and the whois service.
  • George also met with the TWNOG Chair to discuss future collaboration activities.
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