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By on 25 Sep 2018

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This week, APNIC launched its new Internet Directory, an upgrade of existing information services that have evolved over the years.

Check out the new APNIC Internet Directory

The new service offers the same data on Internet resource distribution in the Asia Pacific region but with improvements to both the front and backend, mainly focusing on stability and performance.

With a new backend in place, we have a platform that will allow us to extend the app by adding new data sources, expanding the API, and offering improved frontend visualization.

Apart from improving the look and feel of the frontend (I’m sure you’ll agree it looks much better!) we have also implemented a new feature that allows you to click on charts and drill down geographically and in terms of the time scale (see GIF below).

In addition, the Internet Directory allows users with an APNIC login to get access to extra information about resources and full whois details in a tabular format. All of this information is already available publicly, but the Internet Directory provides a clearer and more transparent view of it.

Don’t have a APNIC login? Go to APNIC Internet Directory, click on the LOGIN button located in the top right corner, and click Register now.

Finally, we are developing a new feature to allow users to embed APNIC’s charts on their own website — stay tuned to when this will be made available.

We hope you enjoy APNIC’s new Internet Directory and that you find it useful for your research and analysis. Tell us what you think and share with us any interesting trends you find!

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