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By on 13 Mar 2018

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npSIG 2018 participants

APNIC supported and participated at the inaugural Nepal School of Internet Governance (npSIG 2018) in Kathmandu, from 19 to 20 January 2018.

Hosted by the Internet Society Nepal, the event welcomed over 40 participants representing the technical community, academia and government for two days of intensive learning about Internet governance issues, actors, settings and processes.

APNIC activities

  • Sunny Chendi participated as a panellist at the ‘Participation at IG Forums’, where he emphasized the importance  of dialogue, engagement, and networking at various local, regional, and global Internet governance events.
  • Sunny also gave a presentation entitled ‘Numbering Stakeholders in Internet Governance’, on the basics of Internet networking. During the session, attendees also participated in the ‘IPGo’ role play, a card game that interactively explains how the Internet works.

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