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By on 5 Jan 2018

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APNIC participated at the fourth World Internet Conference  —WIC 2017 — in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China, from 3 to 5 December 2017.

With the theme, ‘Developing Digital Economy for Openness and Shared Benefits — Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace’, WIC 2017 welcomed around 1,500 participants from over 80 economies to discuss topics including the digital economy, Internet governance, and the Internet and society. One of the main activities discussed at the conference was the announcement on 26 November 2017 by China’s State Council of an action plan to promote IPv6-based networks on a large scale.

APNIC activities

  • Pablo Hinojosa was invited as a panellist at the ‘Norms in cyberspace: development and prospect’ session. He talked about how to include developing economies in the cybernorms debate and the importance of building capacity to strengthen incident response capabilities in these economies.
  • Duncan Macintosh met with APNIC Foundation Board member Edward Tian.
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