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By on 4 Jan 2018

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Part of the ‘Three of the best’ series, highlighting the most popular posts from the past 12 months.

‘How to’ posts are a great way to help troubleshoot problems you’re having with using a tool or service for the first time. Here are three of the most popular ‘how to’ posts in 2017:

  1. How to: Cisco IOS XRv in GNS3 — Fakrul Alam describes how you can run Cisco IOS XRv, one of the most popular platforms among network engineers, in GNS3.
  2. How to: Analyze threat intel with Bro — Learn how to deploy the open source Bro Network Security Monitor tool to monitor and analyze threat intelligence so you can fine-tune your security devices.
  3. How do I start an Internet Exchange Point? — Having helped establish and manage ‘a lot’ of IXPs, Kurt Lindqvist shares his top tips for those wanting to establish an IXP.

What tools, services and challenges would you like ‘how to’ guides on in 2018? Share them below and we’ll try to make them happen.

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