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By on 1 Nov 2017

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Keynote presenter Paul Twomey on 'Improving Cyber Ecosystem Health through Metrics, Measurement, and Mitigation Support'.

APNIC participated at LACNIC 28 in Montevideo, Uruguay from 18 to 22 September 2017.

The second of the two annual conferences of the year for the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry, LACNIC 28 included the 2017 Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG 2017).

The four-day agenda included: a hackathon, tutorials and a FIRST Technical Colloquium; presentations on IoT, IPv6 deployment, and Large BGP communities; and a keynote presentation by CyberGreen’s Paul Twomey on ‘Improving Cyber Ecosystem Health through Metrics, Measurement, and Mitigation Support’.

Read Sofia Silva Berenguer’s reviews of the inaugural LACNIC hackathon, and Collaborative Leadership Exchange on Infrastructure for Development tutorial.

At the policy forum, five policies were discussed, with the following reaching consensus:

  • LAC-2017-8 v2: Modifying initial IPv6 allocations to End Users
  • LAC-2017-7 v2: Reducing the last-call-for-comments period in LACNIC’s Policy Development Process
  • LAC-2017-9 v1: Modifying “Subsequent Allocation” for IPv6 all reached consensus
  • LAC-2017-6 v2: Modifying the resource recovery process

LACNIC 28 also celebrated LACNIC’s 15th year of operations, which was commemorated at the opening panel ’15 Years of Building Community’.

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