Event Wrap: 2017 VNNIC IP Members Meeting & VNIX-NOG

By on 8 Sep 2017

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APNIC staff participated at the combined 2017 Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) IP member meeting and the 2nd Viet Nam National Internet Exchange and Network Operators Group conference, VNIX-NOG, held in Ho Chi Minh City, from 24 to 25 August 2017.

Around 100 attendees gathered across the two days to hear about VNNIC activities and Internet infrastructure trends in Viet Nam, including Software Defined Secure Network solutions to prevent malware/ransomware attacks, using VNIX to defend against DDoS attacks and VNPT’s IPv6 deployment experiences.

APNIC activities

  • During the VNNIC IP member meeting, Tom Harrison gave a presentation on IPv6 trends and measurements as well as IPv4 transfers.

  • At VNIX-NOG, Tom presented on APNIC’s whowas service, which provides an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing queries for historical registration data, extending the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) to support this purpose.

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