Event Wrap: Commonwealth Broadband Pacific Forum 2017, Samoa

By on 7 Aug 2017

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APNIC staff participated at the 2017 Commonwealth Broadband Pacific Forum held in Apia, Samoa, from 25 to 27 July.

Organized by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization, the three-day forum examined the development of national broadband strategies and relevant technologies being used in the Pacific, while also focusing on applications and data.

This was the first regional Commonwealth Broadband Forum held in the Pacific; it follows from the success of previous Commonwealth Broadband Forums held in Kenya, Nigeria, and Malaysia.

APNIC activities

  • Klee Aiken participated in a number of sessions and meetings, including:
    • Presenting on the Internet Security Ecosystem in the region, the role CERTs play in mitigating and responding to cybersecurity incidents, and some key lessons on how to establish a CERT, drawing from the recent establishment of Tonga CERT. He also took part in a panel discussion following his presentation, during which the discussed cybercrime experiences in more detail.

    • Chairing a session focused on cybersecurity activities in the Pacific.
    • Meeting several industry, education and government representatives, including APNIC Members, who were interested in learning more about CERTs and APNIC’s training activities, in particular IPv6 deployment and network security.
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