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By on 28 Apr 2017

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APNIC hosted a two-day Member Gathering in Guangzhou, China, from 20 to 21 April, attended by APNIC staff Guangliang Pan, Zen Ng and Rebecca Shi, and APNIC EC member Jessica Shen.

APNIC activities:

  • Guangliang welcomed Members to the gathering and presented on IPv4 exhaustion, IPv4 transfers, IPv6 deployment and RIPE Atlas project.
  • Jessica presented results from the recent APNIC Survey and encouraged Members to participate in future surveys as well as to share their experiences, all of which will help to improve APNIC services.
  • Zen talked about APNIC Services, whois data quality improvements, routing security and RPKI, assisting several Members with registering their ROA during the two days.
  • Guangliang, Zen and Rebecca conducted  private consultations with 30 attending Members to discuss their resource requirements and billing matters.

Presenters reported that there were a lot of questions during the sessions and the feedback was very positive.

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