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By on 8 Dec 2016

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APNIC staff participated at the combined 2016 Viet Nam National Internet Exchange and Network Operators Group conference, held in Ha Noi, from 23 to 24 November 2016.

The conference aimed to promote traffic exchange and peering connections in the Viet Nam Internet community as well as build the capacity of local network operators.

Around 70 attendees gathered to hear about Internet infrastructure trends in Viet Nam, including DDoS mitigation at NetNam, BGP optimization at FPT Telecom, DNNSEC deployment  at VNNIC, and VNPT’s IPv6 deployment experience.

APNIC activities

  • Sheryl Hermoso gave an introduction on deploying RPKI, which helps secure Internet routing by preventing route hijacking and mis-origination of prefixes through route validation.

  • George Kuo and Sunny Chendi both participated in the session, Establishment and Operation of a NOG session, joining Yoshinobu Matsusaki to discuss how and why Network Operator Groups are vital to Internet development through networking, learning and information exchange among network operators.
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