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By on 30 Nov 2016

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In September, I had the pleasure of visiting Bhutan to deliver a workshop on cybersecurity.

Around 30 participants from various agencies and government departments attended the one-day workshop, which was hosted by the newly established Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team (BtCIRT).

We focused on the basics of cybersecurity, discussing Critical Security Controls and possible ways for each stakeholder to collaborate when building awareness, responding to security situations, and establishing a security program.
Attendees at the workshop included members from the government, police and hospitals.

We had a good discussion on the challenges associated with getting security policy implemented and how to start a security community like a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for sharing best practices and the latest information. Some of the participants also shared examples of incidents they had to handle in the past, including ransomware, fraud/phishing and website defacement.

I also had a separate meeting and exchange of ideas with BtCIRT members on CERT/CSIRT operations, security response and research tools, and potential security projects. I also learned about their outreach activities and future plans.

It was my first time in Bhutan and I really had a great time. The country is very beautiful and I really appreciated the warm hospitality of the members of BtCIRT, the Ministry of ICT & Telecom, the workshop participants and all of my new friends!


Meeting with Members from the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Department of IT & Telecom Bhutan and BtCIRT

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