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By on 15 Apr 2016

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Internet operators from Thailand and the region will gather at the first BKNIX Peering Forum in Bangkok in May, to discuss the latest Internet infrastructure trends and encourage new network peering relationships.

BKNIX Peering Forum (BPF) will aim to bring together managers, engineers and business decision makers from both local and international ISPs, IXPs, CDNs, data centres, cloud and interconnection service providers for two days of meetings, presentations, and networking events from 9 – 10 May.

Register now for this free event.

BPF is being hosted by the Thai Network Information Centre Foundation (THNICF) and APNIC will hold a regional meeting as part of the event.

BPF Project Coordinator, Werachart Muttitanon, says the event will provide a great opportunity for the participants to learn from a range of local and international experts, and discuss peering and interconnection opportunities for their networks. And, as a point of difference, it will encourage participants to share their experiences.

“In the spirit of the event’s open approach, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences with Internet exchange operations,” says Werachart.

“These include best practices, business cases, and policies, all of which will help improve everyone’s understanding, and aid in accelerating the development of Thailand’s Internet infrastructure and management.

“We hope that this multistakeholder approach, coupled with the event being hosted by a local host who understands local needs, will set this event apart from others in the region.”

Werachart says registrations for the forum have been strong so far, which is promising, as they plan to make this an annual event.

BKNIX Peering Forum 2016 will be held in Bangkok from 9 to 10 May. Registration is free.  APNIC experts will present at BPF, and an APNIC Members-only session will be held between 3-5pm on the first day (May 9) to update Members on service improvements.

Following the event is a four-day BGP/IXP workshop organized by intERLab and NSRC from 11 to 14 May 2016.

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