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By on 7 Apr 2016

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HKNOG held its latest half-day conference dedicated to the topic “Over the Top” or OTT. With more than 200 registrants and 130 attendees, both local and from overseas, HKNOG 2.1 was another big success in HKNOG’s short history.

Below are some of the highlights from the day.

Internet couple provide illuminating presentations

We were delighted to have the most admired Internet couple, Izumi Okutani and Yoshinobu Matsuzaki, from Japan, join us.

Izumi explained the relevance of the IANA Stewardship Transition, helping to demystify the way the Internet is governed and how the opinions from regions are channelled to policy makers.

Yoshinobu shared IIJ’s view on the traffic trends and implications of OTT, which served as a good reference for network operators who were attending.

The Netflix effect

With Netflix recently launching its service in Hong Kong, Ian Chiu’s presentation on Netflix Open Connect attracted a lot of attention and questions.

Attendees were briefed on how Netflix delivers content by its tailor made servers “Open Connect Appliance”, and how Netflix uses the “Open Connection” for best quality stream delivery. Attendees were exceptionally eager to learn from Ian and asked questions on IPv6 and server hardware.

Following the OTT theme, Eric Fan from Udomain selflessly shared his pain points on Live Stream in HK as a local streaming provider. I believed many of the attendees found Eric’s pain points familiar. We hoped that these pain points – especially constraints of local venues and Internet access markets – will ease some day soon.

World built on the Cloud

Apart from streaming, cloud service is an important link in the OTT ecosystem. We were glad to have Dr. Derek Wang share AliCloud’s view on how the world could be built on the Cloud. Attendees were impressed by the vision of AliCloud in making every services cloud enabled.

Technical and security

On the network aspect of OTT, Fahim Sheikh from BTI shared the latest developments of disaggregation in optical network elements, which make the growth of a network sustainable by using open SDN to control various standalone functional elements evolved from traditional chassis-based Optical NE. Fahim also shared his insights on the disaggregation in other network applications such as data centre interconnections and broadband network gateways. Fahim ended his informative presentation by introducing the various standards and resources published.

Ivan Cheng from Level3 introduced solutions for preparing for the future of the Internet, touching on performance and security matters. Ivan introduced CDN and http/2 as viable solutions.

Last but not the least, HKNOG’s long-term supporter CF Chui from Arbor Networks updated us on Arbor’s latest findings from the World Infrastructure Security Report with emphasis on DDOS.

Networking is still key of NOG event

During HKNOG 2.1, we noticed participants were not only eager to learn from presenters but also treasured the time to network, meet and hang around with friends in the industry.

After the event, we had our usual cocktail social event sponsored by Equinix and hosted at the nearby Dan Ryan’s Restaurant. Unfortunately this will be the last time that we hold it here as Dan Ryan’s is about close for good.

Stay tuned for the next HKNOG event tentatively scheduled in early September 2016.

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