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By on 18 Mar 2016

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Planning for APNIC’s 2016 survey is now well underway and the first stage of the project will soon begin.  But before I get into what’s coming up, it is probably worth explaining how the survey works for those who have never participated before.

The APNIC EC commissions a survey of Members and the community every two years to gather feedback on APNIC’s performance and to help inform strategy and future activities.  The survey results are published on the APNIC website, as well as a tracker of activities which the Secretariat has undertaken in response to the survey feedback.

Each survey project consists of two parts: focus group discussions and the online survey.  The focus groups are small group interviews which are held in cities around the region.  The focus groups are conducted by independent facilitators (not APNIC staff). This year, focus groups are planned in 13 economies.

The focus groups will begin in April and will be completed in May. Members in those cities will be chosen at random and invited to participate in the focus groups if they wish.  APNIC will begin inviting Members to the focus groups in the next two weeks.

Once the focus groups are completed, a report is provided to APNIC on the findings by the independent facilitators. This report summarises the range of views expressed by those who took part in the focus groups, but all identifiable information is removed so the feedback is completely anonymous to APNIC.  The report is published on the website, and is used to help formulate the questions for the second part of the project, the online survey.

The anonymous online survey is open to everyone to provide feedback on APNIC.  The survey is planned to be open during July, but the exact dates will be announced in the coming months.  The survey will be conducted by Survey Matters, an independent research specialist, which will collate the results and provide a final report that will be presented to Members at APNIC 42 (and made available online).

Your feedback on APNIC is extremely valuable – it helps us improve the services APNIC offers and plan for the future.  You’ll hear more about the survey soon and we hope you’ll take part.

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