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By on 22 Feb 2016

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This time last year, we updated you on the progress of the APNIC Services Roadmap.

The roadmap aims to better inform Members of APNIC’s service development plan and to provide APNIC Members with the opportunity to provide feedback and comments.

Since the start of 2015, we have introduced two updated roadmaps, with the most recent one informed by the feedback we received from the MyAPNIC survey in July last year.

View, leave feedback and follow our progress on all of APNIC Services Roadmaps.

As we have done at previous conferences, we plan to introduce the newest roadmap during APRICOT 2016 at the APNIC Services session. Whether you are participating online or on site, we would like to invite you to attend – we look forward to meeting you there and hearing your feedback!

In the meantime, enjoy the video we produced to help you navigate through the 2016 APNIC Services Roadmap.

Video also available with Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese (Simple), Hindi, Japanese, Thai, subtitles

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