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By on 17 Dec 2015

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APNIC staff participated in the inaugural Taiwan Internet Forum held in Taipei, Taiwan from 8 to 11 December.

TWNIC launches 2015 Taiwan Internet Forum in Taipei

Hosted by TWNIC, the event included three parallel meetings: the Global IPv6 Summit in Taiwan, the TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting, and the Taiwan Information Security and Cooperative Defense Meeting.

APNIC activities included:

  • Paul Wilson gave the opening keynote presentation “IoT…it’s the Internet…only bigger”, tracing the history of the Internet of Things (IoT) and detailing the steps to success, with a focus on IPv6.

  • Paul presented plaques to TWNIC’s Ai-Chin Lu and Professor Shian-Shyong Tseng, in recognition of their contribution to Internet development in the AP region, in particular, in IPv6 measurement and development activities.
  • Maemura Akinori, APNIC’s EC Chair, presented “A New Era of the Internet,” reflecting on current landscape of the Internet in terms of numbers of users, traffic, IPv6, security and Internet Governance and forecasting some of the changes ahead for future Internet innovation.
  • George Kuo provided an overview on Internet Resource transfer policies in the Asia Pacific region, IPv4 transfer activities and how community members can participate in the Policy Development Process.

  • APNIC staff attended sessions on IPv6, cloud computing and network security (across the three days) and met with local and overseas speakers.
  • APNIC and TWNIC staff also met with Taichung City Mayor, Chia-Lung Lin, and Director General of Taichung City Government Economic Development Bureau, Dr Yau JR Lu, in preparation for APNIC 44, which will be held in the city of Taichung, Taiwan, in 2017.

For photos of the events, please view the albums on APNIC’s Flickr page.

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