TWNIC launches 2015 Taiwan Internet Forum in Taipei

By on 8 Dec 2015

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This public forum serves to discuss, exchange, and share viewpoints; and to provide insights on the latest technologies and developments about the Internet

The Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) is launching the 2015 Taiwan Internet Forum from 8 to 11 December, in Taipei, Taiwan. The theme of the forum “The New Internet, The New Future” calls for an important trend in the development of the next generation Internet – Internet of Things (IoT), and its relation with IPv6, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Network Security.

TWNIC would like to establish a platform by joining three meetings: “Global IPv6 Summit in Taiwan”, “TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting”, and “Taiwan Information Security and Cooperative Defense Meeting.” This public forum serves to discuss, exchange, and share viewpoints; and to provide insights on the latest technologies and developments about the Internet.

We expect this Forum to connect the public and private sectors, as well as individuals such as engineers, IT professionals and executives. This is also an ideal opportunity to explore how to achieve a smarter Taiwan by the means of Internet technologies.

According to the Business Insider (BI) Intelligence’s estimation, there will be 34 billion devices connected to the Internet by the year of 2020, up from 10 billion in 2015. Among them, IoT devices will account for 24 billion, while traditional computing devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches will be in the range of 10 billion.

The findings in BI Intelligence’s survey also indicate that governments will focus on increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and improving their citizens’ quality of life. BI Intelligence suggests that governments will be the second-largest adopters of IoT ecosystems.

According to TWNIC’s Taiwan Broadband Internet Usage Survey [PDF, 1.6 MB], Taiwan has more than 17 million Internet users, and up to 7.5 million Internet-connected households. The number of mobile Internet users and wireless Internet users aged 12-years-old and above is about 15 million.

Taiwan is advanced in terms of ICT infrastructure and innovative telecommunications services, which builds a solid foundation to develop IoT and build a smart country. The next generation Internet is IPv6 ready and optimal to accommodate the growth of IP addresses when IoT becomes reality.

The four-day Forum features six keynote speeches, exploring a range of topics from IPv6-enabled IoT to cooperative defense mechanisms in network security, and trends leading an innovative digital lifestyle, among others. We appreciate APNIC’s participation, with EC Chairman Akinori Maemura and Director General Paul Wilson each giving a speech. Taiwan’s leading tech companies including Acer and Asus, as well as Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft’s Taiwan and regional branches, are also taking part in the Forum.

Based on Taiwan’s industrial knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, we look forward to establishing a platform that boosts both national and global developments.

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