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By on 27 Oct 2015

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APNIC held its first Regional Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on Monday, 19 October 2015. Around 50 members of the Mongolian networking community attended the half-day event, hosted by the Communications Regulation Commission.

APNIC Regional Meetings (ARMs) are forums where APNIC Members and stakeholders can meet with their peers in their community and neighbouring economies to share their Internet resource management experiences.

Local speakers from Mobicom Networks, Internet Exchange Point of Mongolia, Gemnet, Information Communications Network Company and Sky Networks shared their thoughts on industry topics such as IPv6, data centres, network security and root servers.

APNIC activities included:

  • Tuan Nguyen, APNIC’s Resource Analyst (Hostmaster), provided an update on APNIC activities and presented on Internet resources and Internet security including DDoS, ROA and RPKI.

  • Arth Paulite, APNIC’s Senior Systems Architect, provided a case study on how to deploy IPv6 based on APNIC’s own deployment experience.

  • Tuan and Arth spoke to Members about topics including mitigating DDoS and IPv6 deployment strategies and testing.
  • Arth was interviewed by local media (ETV HD Mongolia) during the event. The interview is below (in Mongolian).  He was asked when can Mongolia start transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6, to which he replied:

APNIC’s IPv4 addresses are running out, we highly recommend Mongolia to switch to IPv6 which will enable businesses to sustain their growth. With IPv6, ISPs will be able to provide more IP address assignments to meet their customers requirements.


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