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By on 13 Oct 2015

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Last September, I wrote about the IGF 2014 Best Practices Forum for Establishing and supporting Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) for Internet Security, for which I was a ‘lead expert’.

Earlier this year, my friend Maarten Van Horenbeeck, who was another of the lead experts for this initiative and a FIRST Board member, attended the Global Conference on Cyberspace at The Hague, Netherlands. There he received positive feedback about the Final Outcome Document from last year’s Forum – the document proved very helpful in enabling the policy community to better understand the CERTs/CSIRTs community.

Read the Best Practice Forum 2014 Final Outcome Document and watch the recording.

Similar feedback has also been collected over the past year through the IGF Best Practices Forum mailing list. Join the mailing list, to read the communities input.

In addition to this feedback and discussion, Maarten said that at least one new CSIRT has used the 2014 Final Outcome Document to help establish itself.

Based on these outcomes the IGF renewed the efforts and a 2015 draft outcomes document is now open for public comment.

Read the Best Practice Forum 2015 Draft Outcome Document and give your feedback by 16 October 2015.

Get involved in the discussion

It would be great if you can give your feedback and forward this draft document to relevant communities, including policymakers, academics, civil society groups or other CSIRTs, so we can make sure of widespread input from different stakeholders.

The draft document and all feedback will be discussed in the CERT/CSIRT Best Practice Forum during IGF 2015 to be held in Brazil, 10-13 November. If you are attending IGF 2015, please consider participating.

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