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By on 29 Jul 2015

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APNIC’s Sanjaya was invited by the Taiwan Network Information Centre (TWNIC) to be a keynote presenter at the Taiwan Internet Infrastructure Seminar, held in Taiwan from 30 June to 1 July 2015.

Presenting to a full house, Sanjaya gave a presentation on Internet infrastructure in Taiwan, demonstrating how the BGP routing table can be used as a data source to visualize Internet infrastructure in an economy, by mapping transit paths of Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) delegated to that economy.

He noted that Taiwan is well placed in terms of network density, being in the top 15 Asia Pacific economies.

APNIC is developing an interactive online tool to examine how ASNs interact in an economy by mapping globally visible routes in the BGP routing table, basing the tool on CAIDA’s AS core visualization model.

The tool will be available for use by APNIC 40, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 3 to 10 September 2015.

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