Event Wrap: RIPE 70 & DNS-OARC Spring Workshop

By on 26 May 2015

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A record 673 delegates attended RIPE 70 in Amsterdam from 11-15 May.

DNS-OARC also held its Spring Workshop on the weekend before the main meeting.

At the RIPE NCC General Meeting, Dmitry Burkov was re-elected to the Executive Board and János Zsakó was elected to the new vacant Board slot. This election completed the expansion of RIPE NCC Executive Board to seven members.

APNIC activities at RIPE 70 and the DNS-OARC Workshop included:

  • At the DNS-OARC Workshop, Geoff Huston presented a report on APNIC Labs research into DNSSEC and ECDSA. The report covered a large field test of presentation of a DNS name signed using ECDSA, looking at the level of support in resolvers for DNSSEC validation and the behaviour when given a badly signed name
  • Geoff also made two presentations of APNIC Labs research at RIPE 70 to the IPv6 Working Group and DNS Working Group sessions, looking at IPv6 adoption among ISPs and DNS testing ahead of the KSK key roll
  • George Michaelson presented at the RIPE 70 Measurement, Analysis and Tools (MAT) Working Group session on APNIC Labs’ IPv6 research and methodology. George also presented a Lightning Talk during the RIPE 70 Plenary session on the cryptech.is project
  • Paul Wilson presented the APNIC update at the RIPE 70 NRO/RIR Reports session
  • APNIC staff attending the RIPE NCC General Meeting volunteered as independent vote counters for the RIPE NCC Executive Board elections

Other highlights of the week included:

  • During the plenary session on Tuesday, a community consultation was held on the IANA Stewardship Transition, with a update on the transition process, the CRISP team proposal and IANA SLA; and active discussions among community members
  • The Cooperation Working Group covered two meeting sessions with two separate topics of discussion: network neutrality and the open Internet; and the relationship of Internet standards with human rights
  • Participants in the meeting were able to provide online feedback on all presentations and the event the most popular presentations for each day have been announced: see #RIPE70 or @ripe_ncc on Twitter
  • A full archive of the event is available here, including video recordings, chat and stenography logs, and presentation slides
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