Event Wrap: HKNOG 2015 and APNIC Member gathering

By on 29 Apr 2015

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APNIC staff participated in Hong Kong Network Operators’ Group 1.1 2015 (HKNOG 2015) in Hong Kong on 17 April 2015.

HKNOG was created for network operators in Hong Kong to exchange technical and operational content, and share knowledge relevant to the HKNOG community.

APNIC activities:

  • Zen Ng presented the APNIC policy update and the IPv4 address transfer information
  • EC Member Che-Hoo Cheng presented “HKIX IPv4 Address Renumbering and Updates”
  • EC Member Gaurab Raj Upadhaya presented “BGP Anycast for More Than Just DNS”

The trip to Hong Kong also provided an opportunity to hold a brief APNIC Member gathering before HKNOG 1.1. APNIC staff spoke with Members, discussed IP addressing and policy issues, and promoted new features in MyAPNIC. Zen also demonstrated how Members can set up Route Origin Authorizations (ROA).

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