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By on 30 Apr 2024

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To enhance the security and efficiency of the Member account management system, the APNIC Product Team will deliver a series of updates that streamline processes and significantly upgrade the security and user experience for Members.

Understanding the need for change

Since introducing the APNIC Login in 2020, we have been working towards a user-centric model, rather than a point-of-contact approach. This shift is a strategic move to recognize each Member contact as an individual, with unique needs and preferences, rather than just a point of contact within a larger entity.

Our existing contact management system, while functional, posed challenges in its integration with the new APNIC Login, occasionally causing some difficulty for Members. We also found limitations in its ability to integrate across products and difficulties in enforcing improved security and identity verification mechanisms like two-factor authentication (2FA).

Recognizing this, we set a goal to address the growing demands for enhanced security and improved user experience.

Key updates and their benefits

Mandatory APNIC Logins for account contacts

To ensure a secure and accountable environment, an APNIC Login will be mandatory for all account contacts. This step enhances security and preserves the integrity of account information.

After the cut-off date, only authenticated contacts will be authorized to act on behalf of an account. This facilitates better tracking of modifications and activities and establishes a robust audit trail.

We’re also offering personalized dashboards and settings, catering to the specific needs and preferences of each user.

Strengthened authentication with 2FA

Introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) will add an extra layer of security, safeguarding against unauthorized access. This enhancement is crucial to protecting sensitive account changes and maintaining high-security standards.

We recognize adapting to 2FA will be a new experience for some Members. However, the benefits — enhanced security and account protection — far outweigh the minimal additional effort it requires. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist Members through this transition, ensuring a positive and secure experience.

Refining support requests

The APNIC Login will soon be required for support requests. This change ensures that each request is linked to the correct user account, facilitating faster and more accurate support. It enhances APNIC’s ability to provide customized support based on each user’s history and profile.

Facilitating these changes

To facilitate these changes and help Members transition, the interface for managing account contacts will be updated. This update will introduce new features, guiding Members on how to manage, authenticate, and clean up their account contacts.

The better-organized interface will provide clear insight into the authentication status of contacts and inviting new contacts will be fully integrated. It will also enable easy updates of unauthenticated contacts, quick resolution of duplicate entries, and streamline the process of removing outdated contacts.

Figure 1 — Easily view and resolve duplicate, authenticated and unauthenticated contacts.
Figure 1 — Easily view and resolve duplicate, authenticated and unauthenticated contacts.
Figure 2 — Invite and manage new users.
Figure 2 — Invite and manage new users.
Figure 3 — Bulk resolve unauthenticated users.
Figure 3 — Bulk resolve unauthenticated users.

Impact on Members and support during transition

With the upcoming enhancements to MyAPNIC, we have considered how these changes will affect Members. While our goal is to improve security and efficiency, we acknowledge some aspects will require adjustment:

  1. Unauthorized contacts: After the cut-off date we will no longer recognize Unauthenticated Contacts as authorized to act on behalf of the account, only Authenticated Contacts (APNIC Login) will be authorized to act on behalf of an account.
  2. Contact detail management: Corporate Contacts will no longer be able to manage the personal details of account contacts. This means each account contact must individually manage their own details. For some Members, this may require a transition period and support will be available during this adjustment.
  3. Unified email addresses: The new system will no longer support different names under the same email address for notifications. For instance, having ‘Accounts Payable finance@mycompany.net’ and ‘Joe Baggins finance@mycompany.net‘ will not be possible. This change is aimed at simplifying contact management and ensuring clarity in communication.
  4. Login for support: While email-based support had advantages, transitioning to a login-required support system aligns with modern best practices in security, efficiency, and user experience. It’s a step forward in ensuring that support interactions are as secure, accurate, and user-focused as possible.

Benefits for Members

These updates are designed to make the management of account contacts more intuitive and secure. By consolidating identities and enhancing authentication processes, we aim to provide a more streamlined and efficient experience for our users. The changes will also reduce the potential for security breaches and misuse of accounts.

A smooth transition

To facilitate this transition, users will be given full control over which account to transition and which to remove. We will provide comprehensive support, including detailed guides and helpdesk assistance.

Enhancements to the Member account management system represent a step in our journey towards service excellence. By embracing these updates, APNIC Members are not only securing their digital presence related to Internet number resources but also optimizing their experience with APNIC services.

We value your feedback during this process and are dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible. Please join the APNIC User Feedback Group, use the feedback form, or post on the User Feedback Group on Orbit.

If you have any questions or need help during the transition, please contact the APNIC Helpdesk.

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