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By on 12 Mar 2015

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As we have previously mentioned on the blog, APNIC is undertaking a more in-depth assessment of training needs and requirements of the Asia-Pacific Internet community.

The aim is to understand the level of demand for training, the types of training that are required, the main topics of interest, and where training is needed.

If you haven’t completed the survey already, please take 10 minutes now. We are hugely grateful for your time.

The survey closes on 22 March— in just 10 days—and if you complete the survey before then, you will be in the running to win an iPad Air 2.

We’ve already given one away, to Warren from Solomon Telekom Limited, who won the early bird prize.

All responses provided will remain confidential and will only be used by APNIC for purposes of planning its training and technical assistance programmes.

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  1. Fred Baker

    I tried to answer. My answer to a given question asking where training should be given that (for online courses) I didn’t care where it happened. It said I really needed to pick a place.

    If I don’t care where it happens, I don’t want to have to specify a place. So I didn’t answer, which is to say that you don’t have my data and I can’t win an iPad 2.

    Life’s just tough, isn’t it?


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