APNIC receives a /13 of IPv4 from IANA

By on 3 Mar 2015

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APNIC has today received its third allocation from the IANA Recovered Pool of IPv4 addresses, a /13 block (

Every six months, IANA will continue to allocate IPv4 blocks to APNIC and the other RIRs in equal amounts until there are not enough addresses left in its recovered pool to do so. The address blocks allocated will become smaller and smaller until IANA has less than a /24 to distribute to each RIR. At that time, allocations from IANA will stop.

The new /13 address block will be added to the second pool of IPv4 address space available to APNIC account holders. APNIC account holders are able to apply for up to a /22 from this pool and up to a /22 from APNIC’s final /8 (103/8) pool.

However, this only applies to new and existing account holders who have previously not applied for IPv4 address space from either of these pools.

For more information on how to apply for IPv4 and IPv6 address space, please see this webpage.

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