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By on 20 Feb 2015

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Image credit: ICANN

ICANN 52 was held in Singapore from 8-12 February 2015. It was the third time in five years that the ICANN meeting had been held in Singapore, and 1,793 delegates attended.

The meeting was preceded by two days of meetings of the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) to examine the proposals from the protocol parameters and numbering communities, as well as get an update from the names community on its progress.

The IANA Stewardship Transition was the central topic of the meeting, alongside a range of other technical and Internet business issues.

APNIC activities at ICANN 52 included:

  • Paul spoke at the opening ceremony on behalf of the NRO.  He stressed the need for ISPs and content providers to deploy IPv6 now
  • Paul Wilson, as a member of the ICG, participated in two days of ICG meetings on Friday and Saturday, with Craig Ng attending as an observer on behalf of the CRISP team
  • Adli Wahid and Craig attended and presented at an INTERPOL Internet Investigation Training Seminar which was held alongside ICANN 52.  Attended primarily by members of the law enforcement community, Adli and Craig presented on IP address abuse and the Internet governance landscape
  • Geoff Huston presented his analysis of routing and addressing in 2014 at the Tech Day session on Monday. He also presented APNIC Labs’ DNSSEC validation research at the DNSSEC Workshop on Wednesday
  • Paul was interviewed by journalists from Reuters, ZDNet, Bloomberg BNA and Bangladesh’s Daily Sangbad, on topics including the IANA Stewardship Transition, and the shift from IPv4 to IPv6. Coverage appeared online in ZDNet
  • Geoff participated in several meetings with the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC). Geoff was elected to the SSAC at ICANN 52
  • APNIC staff attended the session which summarised the responses received following the ICG RFP from the protocol parameters and the number resources communities. The session included a presentation by CRISP Chair, Izumi Okutani, which gave an overview of the CRISP proposal
  • APNIC staff, and community members of the CRISP team, attended the ICANN Board meeting with the NRO/ASO. The Board praised the numbering community for its efforts in developing the CRISP proposal.  Later in the Public Forum, ICANN Chair Steve Crocker said that in regards to the ICG proposals from the numbering and protocol parameters communities, the ICANN Board felt there was “nothing fundamental in them that we have a problem with, full stop”
  • Adli and Craig attended the INTERPOL-ICANN Public Safety Workshop (both closed and public sessions) with Internet security and law enforcement representatives to discuss security issues.  Adli also met separately with representatives from SingCERT, SriLanka CERT and IDCERT
  • Tony Smith attended meetings with communications representatives from ICANN, ISOC and the RIRs to share information on upcoming activities
  • APNIC staff met with representatives of ICANN, DotAsia and Ang Peng Hwa to discuss the future structure and activities of the Asia Pacific Internet Leaders Project (APILP). APIILP activities will be planned for the next APrIGF in Macau
  • APNIC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sri Lanka Next Generation (SLNG) with the aim of cooperating on developing the Internet in Sri Lanka
  • APNIC staff met with the new APTLD General Manager, Leonid Todorov, to discuss the upcoming APNIC 40 meeting and opportunities for collaboration
  • Paul and the NRO Executive Council held a full day workshop to discuss NRO work plans for 2015.  The RIR representatives also held initial discussions with ICANN about development of the SLA outlined in the CRISP proposal
  • Various meetings with senior representatives from technical and business organizations including KISA, NIXI, ICANN, IETF, ISOC, and the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC)
  • APNIC staff participated in the ICANN APAC Space discussion session and the APRALO Showcase event.

Paul WIlson presenting at the ICANN Opening Ceremony.  Image courtesy ICANN.

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