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By on 2 Jan 2015

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Part of our ‘three of the best’ series, highlighting our most popular posts from 2014 on themes important to our community.


Ensuring network operators have the skills necessary to continue to build the Internet is a key part of APNIC’s Training strategy. APNIC Trainers, Nurul Islam, Shane Hermoso and more recently, Kevin Meynell, our new Training Manager, have travelled to many economies,  and have delivered training to more than 1,900 participants in the Asia Pacific region.

Below are the top three posts you enjoyed the most.

  1. IP MTU and TCP MSS Missmatch – an evil for network performance: Nurul discusses the MTU size manipulation on a router interface and its relationship with the TCP MSS.
  2. The Good Practice of Legitimacy of Address (LOA) Checks: Nurul outlines the situations where you should do a Legitimacy of Address check to verify any transits to any IP prefixes.
  3. APNIC Training – Responsive and Proactive: Development Director, Duncan Macintosh, provides background on APNIC Training.

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