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By on 27 Nov 2014

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Internet Week 2014, Tokyo is an annual technical conference hosted by Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC). It brings together network engineers and leading industry experts to discuss emerging technologies including IPv6, DNSSEC, and Securing BGP, virtual internet infrastructure operational tools, MVNO and SDN etc. Early adopters provide valuable insight into deployment experiences and bring participants up to speed on emerging operational practices amd new standards emerging from the IETF. APNIC was a proud sponsor of IW2014, which ran from the 18 to 21 November and was attended by APNIC Senior Advisor, Internet Development, Miwa Fujii.

APNIC activities included:

  • Presented at APRICOT– APAN 2015 Fukuoka ni Kinshai BoF to encourage newcomers to attend APRICOT, submit proposals, promote sponsorship and the youth session
  • Presented and joined the panel at the ‘IPv6 in the Asia Pacific region’ session by ISOC Deploy 360 Program

  • Met with operators to discuss most up to date technical/technological development, hot topics, future JANOG plan, and field research on suitable APNIC39 plenary topics
  • Met with network engineers and leading industry experts to discuss technologies for IPv4 and IPv6 co-existence and most up to date IPv6 deployment update, emergence of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and its relationship with Mobile Network Operators (MVNO), opportunities and challenges of mobile and wifi networks toward 2020, etc.



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