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By on 20 Jul 2014

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APNIC recently attended the 34th Japan Network Operator’s Group (JANOG 34), held from 17 to 18 July 2014.

JANOG is a forum for network operators in Japan to discuss and share issues related to network operations and infrastructure twice a year at face-to-face meetings and on a mailing list.

Sessions at JANOG meetings focus on up-to-date technical content, and information shared at JANOG meetings are often recommended for presentation at future APRICOT and APNIC Conferences.

JANOG 34 was well attended with 545 registrations, including 130 newcomers.

APNIC’s Miwa Fuijii participated in the JANOG sessions and was available to answer questions from Members.

It was a successful event that featured an experimental implementation of an IPv6 wifi using Unique Local Addresses following RFC6724. The experiment assigned an IPv6 address to end-users and allowed them to access the Internet via NAPTv6/NAT64.DNS64 to check what worked and what didn’t. A blog was set up for participants to provide real-time comments of their findings.

An update to this experiment by JANOG members is being considered for the upcoming APNIC 38 Conference, from 9 to 19 September, in Brisbane, Australia.

JANOG 35 will be held in Shizuoke, Japan from 14 to 16 January 2015.

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