APNIC 58 Call for Presentations open

By on 26 Apr 2024

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The APNIC Program Committee (PC) is seeking presentations for the APNIC 58 conference in Wellington, New Zealand from 30 August to 6 September 2024. The PC is looking for content that would suit technical sessions, tutorials, lightning talks, and panel discussions.

Topics for the conference sessions must be relevant to Internet operations and technologies and include:

  • IP core network routing, switching
  • IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
  • Access and transport networks including Cable/DSL, LTE/5G, wireless, metro Ethernet, fibre, segment routing
  • Cybersecurity, network security issues (NSP-SEC, DDoS, anti-spam, anti-malware) and BCPs
  • Software-defined networking, network function virtualization, and network automation
  • Content and service delivery (multicast, voice, video, telepresence, gaming) and cloud computing
  • IXPs and peering
  • Internet of Things (IoT) architectures, standards, services, security, addressability, and manageability
  • Smart cities architecture, security, and addressing
  • Research on Internet operations and deployment

Conference milestones

Call for Presentations opensNow
First round acceptanceMonday, 27 May 2024
Final deadline for submissionsThursday, 27 June 2024
Final round acceptanceSaturday, 27 June 2024
Table 1 — APNIC 58 milestones.

Please take note of the key dates so that the program can be announced early.

APNIC 58 conference registration is free for selected speakers, however, speakers must fund their own travel if presenting in person. The PC will give preference to in-person presentations over remote presentations.

Prospective presenters should note that the majority of speaking slots will be filled well before the final submission deadline. The PC will retain a limited number of slots up to the final submission deadline for presentations that are exceptionally timely, important, or of critical operational importance.

If you have any other ideas or proposals for panel or BoF sessions, please feel free to submit your ideas via the submission system.

If you have any questions, please email the PC.

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