Event Wrap: PCTA Tech Show 2024

By on 24 Apr 2024

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Anna Mulingbayan (third from left) with visitors to the APNIC booth.

APNIC participated in the Philippines Cable and Telecommunications Association, Inc. (PCTA) Tech Show 2024 held in Manila, Philippines from 1 to 5 April 2024.

The event focused on the theme of PCTA Internet Exchange: Cohesion and Coherence to Connectivity, which brought together approximately 1,800 participants to discuss topics including Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, IPv6 and the Internet landscape and many more.

APNIC activities:

  • Anna Mulingbayan and Community Trainer Liezel Manangan conducted a tutorial on Peering, IXP and Routing to 200 participants.
  • Anna hosted a both where she welcomed several APNIC Members and prospective Members, answering their questions on APNIC membership, Internet number resources and much more.
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