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By on 4 Apr 2024

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IETF 86 Technical Plenary. Adapted from the orginal image at Flickr.

In this episode of PING, APNIC’s Chief Scientist Geoff Huston discusses the European Union’s (EU) consideration of taking a direct role within the IETF. Network engineers, policymakers, and scientists from all around the world actively contribute to the IETF but the EU’s potential direct participation signifies a notable first in standards development.

What’s led to this outcome? What is driving the concern that the EU as a law-setting and treaty body, and an inter-governmental trade bloc, needs to participate in the IETF process? Is this a misunderstanding of the nature of Internet standards development or does it reflect a concern that standards are diverging from society’s needs? Geoff wrote this up in a recent opinion piece on the APNIC Blog and the podcast is a conversation around the topic.

Read more about digital sovereignty on the APNIC Blog and on the IETF website.

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