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By on 3 Apr 2024

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APNIC participated in ICANN 79 in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 2 to 7 March 2024.

The first of the three annual ICANN meetings welcomed over 1,700 remote and onsite participants to discuss a range of policy and operational topics with a key focus on Internet governance and digital cooperation. View the schedule for more information.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson shared insights and statistics on RIR transfer policies and the promotion of IPv6 in the GAC and ALAC and GAC Bilateral Joint Session.
  • Paul was also a panellist during the NCUC Issue Forum Work Session where he discussed Internet fragmentation.
  • Paul took the opportunity to join in on a number of other sessions including the ASO AC working sessions on the Internet Coordination Policy 2 (ICP-2), the ICANN Public Board Meeting, and the Geopolitical, Legislative, and Regulatory Developments Update where he made a statement on the role of the technical community within the Internet governance multistakeholder model.
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