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By on 21 Mar 2024

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This time on PING, Phil Regnauld from the DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC), discusses the three distinct faces DNS-OARC presents to the community.

Phil came to the DNS-OARC president’s role, replacing Keith Mitchell, the founding president from 2008 through to this year. Phil has previously worked with the Network Startup Resource Centre (NSRC), AFNOG, and the French-speaking Internet community at large.

DNS-OARC has at least three distinct faces. It is a community of DNS operators and researchers, who maintain an active ongoing dialogue in face-to-face workshops and online via DNS-OARC’s Mattermost community hub. Secondly, it is a home, repository, and ongoing development environment for DNS-related tools such as DNSVIZ (written by Casey Deccio), DNS-OARC’s hosting of the AS112 project, and development of the DSC systems amongst many other tools.

Thirdly, it is the organizer and host of the Day In The Life of the Internet (DITL) activity — the periodic collection of 48 to 72 hours of DNS traffic from the DNS root operators, and other significant sources of DNS traffic. Stretching back over 10 years, DITL is an important resource for DNS research, providing insights into the use of DNS and its behaviour on the wire.

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