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By on 27 Feb 2024

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Welcome to APRICOT 2024, held in Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand!

The 28th APRICOT presents a technical program with plenty to offer for all those attending in person and online.

APRICOT 2024 highlights

Don’t miss the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, 27 February to hear keynote speakers Mona Jaber of Queen Mary University of London discuss the ‘Intelligent Internet of Things for Sustainable Development Goals’ and Randy Bush of IIJ discuss the ‘RIR Social Contract’.

In addition to the usual APOPs sessions, which feature presentations about BGP, networking, RIPE Atlas and RIS, there are also new Innovation sessions on securing Internet routing, traffic management and coherent optical transceivers. Make sure to attend the APNIC IPv6 Deployment session to hear IPv6 deployment use cases at universities in Indonesia, China, and India, and the APNIC Panel Discussion on the rise of CDNs and what that means for the Internet and address policy.

Get an update on IXPs and connectivity at the two APRICOT Peering Forums, including the peering personals on Wednesday, and dive into the Network Technologies, Internet Security and Operations sessions on Thursday, to get the latest updates on topics including satellite technology, API security, and lawful interception.

On Friday, hear from the APNIC Secretariat at three AGM sessions. The more technically-minded will enjoy the Operations and Innovation sessions, and the Lightning Talks, where you’re invited to share a presentation on topics that are timely, interesting, or even a little crazy!

The Closing Plenary ends the conference, with Afzal Abdul Rahim discussing digital sovereignty and the future of the Internet.

APNIC 57 Open Policy Meeting

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the policy proposals under discussion at Open Policy Meeting 1 and Open Policy Meeting 2. Four proposals are up for discussion at the APNIC 57 Policy SIG:

  • prop-156: Assignment of Temporary IP Resources
  • prop-157: Temporary IPv4 Transfers
  • prop-158: IPv6 auto-allocation for each IPv4 request
  • prop-154: Resizing of IPv4 assignment for the IXPs

Have your say about the proposals by subscribing to the mailing list, or participating in person or remotely during the Policy SIG.

Value your vote! Voting in the EC election 2024

The APNIC EC election 2024 will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Friday, 1 March. Voting closes at 14:30 (UTC +7) on Friday, 1 March.

The final list of nominees is available in the order of their nominations received. All candidates are bound to the nominee’s Code of Conduct.

The Electoral Committee is responsible for determining the eligibility of nominees and their compliance with the Code of Conduct.

For more information, please visit the 2024 election web pages. If you have any questions on how to vote or the EC election, please contact the APNIC Helpdesk

Exercise your rights for the good of the membership and the community. Make sure to vote in the EC election.

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