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By on 24 Oct 2023

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APNIC supported and participated in inSIG 2023, held in Guwahati, India from 28 September to 1 October 2023.

The four-day event also included the GFCE Triple-I Workshop, India Youth IGF 2023 and the inSIG 2023 APNIC Network Security Workshop.

APNIC activities:

  • Pablo Hinojosa spoke about the RIRs at the session ‘The IG Ecosystem: ICANN, IETF, IGF, ISOC, RIRs’.
  • Pablo also spoke at the panel ‘Enhancing Multistakeholderism for Future Governance of the Internet’, noting the importance of multistakeholder participation, including that of the technical community, in the growth and development of the Internet.
  • APNIC Community Trainer Swapneel Patnekar conducted the inSIG 202 Network Security Workshop.
  • Terry Sweetser participated in a discussion on the usefulness of Open Standards at the GFCE Triple-I Workshop, focusing on RPKI and ROA.
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