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By on 12 Sep 2023

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Kon’nichiwa. APNIC is pleased to welcome you to Kyoto, Japan for APNIC 56.

We’re very excited to bring you APNIC 56 and celebrate APNIC’s 30th anniversary. Many thanks go to the hosts, JPNIC, and all the sponsors for supporting the event.

Program highlights

There’s plenty of great content to look forward to over the next few days, including five technical sessions on topics including routing, DNS, multihoming, automation, and satellites. There are also two FIRST/APCERT/APNIC security sessions, an IPv6 deployment session, a Lightning Talks session, and more.

Don’t miss the Opening Ceremony with keynote speakers Jun Murai, who will discuss the Internet’s future in the Asia Pacific, and Yosuke Kaneko, who will talk about interplanetary networking — from Earth to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. 

There will also be a very special 30th Anniversary Panel discussion looking back on 30 years of the APNIC community with Internet luminaries, including Elise Gerich and David Conrad.

Grow your professional network

There will be plenty of opportunities to network at APNIC 56 at the Welcome Social, the Meet the APNIC EC cocktail event, and the Closing Social, as well as opportunities to meet your peers throughout the conference.

There will also be the 30th anniversary lunch to celebrate 30 years of APNIC in the Sakura Room. If the Sakura Room becomes full, lunch will also be served in the Swan Room lunch area.

Cast your vote

APNIC Members can vote online via MyAPNIC or appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf for the proposed by-law amendments. Learn more about the proposed resolutions at the APNIC By-laws Reform session.

Online voting is also open now for the NRO NC election.

Exercise your rights for the good of the membership and community by voting in these important processes.

Participate in the Open Policy Meeting

Share your opinions on the policy proposals to be discussed at APNIC 56: 

  • prop-148: Leasing of Resources is not Acceptable
  • prop-152: Reduce the IPv4 delegation from /23 to /24
  • prop-153: Proposed changes to PDP
  • prop-154: Resizing of IPv4 assignment for the IXPs
  • prop-155: IPv6 PI assignment for Associate Members

Have your say about the proposals by subscribing to the mailing list on Orbit or participating in person or remotely during the Policy SIG.

Celebrate the APNIC community’s 30th anniversary and you could win!

Share a selfie from the conference, whether you’re there in person or joining online. Make sure to include the hashtags #APNIC56 and #APNIC30th and post them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

For those attending in person, you could win one of two e-gift cards, valued at USD 150. If you’re participating online, your selfie could win one of two e-gift cards valued at USD 100.

More information

A large turnout to the conference is expected, so be sure to arrive early to collect your registration badge.

If you have any issues or queries, please visit the APNIC Lounge or keep an eye out for APNIC staff, who will be wearing bright stickers on their registration badges and will be happy to help.

We look forward to meeting you in person, and online, at APNIC 56.

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