Event Wrap: 4th ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum and 39th TWNIC OPM

By on 21 Jun 2023

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Paul Wilson speaking at the 'Open Remarks' session.

APNIC participated in the 4th ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum and 39th TWNIC OPM, held in Taipei from 22 to 24 May 2023.

This hybrid event was organized by ICANN and the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) to discuss topics including Internet governance, the DNS, fostering the next generation of Internet builders, cybersecurity, and RPKI implementation. View the agenda for more information.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson was invited to speak at the Open Remarks session.
  • Paul also presented on the ‘Future of Internet Governance’ at the Future of the Internet high-level panel discussion.
  • Geoff Huston presented (remotely) on ‘Internet Resilience’ at the Future of the Internet high-level panel discussion.
  • Jamie Gillespie presented in the Cyber Security SIG session about APNIC’s Vulnerability Reporting Program as a case study for vulnerability handling, and following best practices for visibility and collaboration and cooperation. Jamie also helped moderate the session.
  • Jamie spoke at the Cooperation SIG on recent data breaches and their impact on individual privacy.
  • Jamie also presented at the TWCERT/CC session about SMTP TLS implementations, highlighting the recommendations for improving email data protection between mail servers.
  • At the IPv6 and RPKI Deployment session, Tom Harrison gave an update on RPKI Signed Checklists (RSCs) and Autonomous System Provider Authorization (ASPAs).
  • At the IP Policy SIG session, George Kuo presented on policy development in the RIR communities.
  • George, Jamie, and Paul met with APNIC Members to learn about their IPv6 and RPKI deployments and the local technical community.
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