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By on 21 Dec 2022

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Chuck Wang giving the policy update at the OPM.

APNIC participated in the 38th TWNIC Open Policy Meeting (OPM), held on 1 December 2022 in Taipei.

The event featured presentations on topics related to various Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including the Cybersecurity SIG, Operational Technology SIG, Cooperation SIG, Policy and Regulation SIG, and the IPv6 Deployment SIG. View the agenda for more information.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson gave a welcome speech (remotely) and noted the importance of multistakeholder collaboration for Internet development.
  • Geoff Huston gave a keynote speech (remotely) on ‘Future network needs’ and what’s driving change in the Internet.
  • Adli Wahid presented on the Mozi botnet (remotely), what was observed, and how it was mitigated at the Cybersecurity SIG.
  • Chuck Wang gave an update on APNIC policy development and the status of policy development in the other Regional Internet Registries at the Policy and Regulation SIG.
  • George Kuo gave an update on IPv6 deployment in the region at the IPv6 Deployment SIG.
  • Jessica Wei conducted the Network Management and Monitoring tutorial on the day after the OPM.
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