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By on 9 Sep 2022

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APNIC is continually focusing on ways to work together with the community to improve products and services.

While the biennial survey is APNIC’s most important tool to inform future planning and activities, we identified a need for more instantaneous and ongoing feedback on products and services. This ongoing feedback is collected through surveys on our training sessions, conferences, and Help Desk service, as well as other channels such as social media, blog comments, and website feedback buttons. Additionally, we conduct product research with our User Feedback Group of just over 500 community members.

In APNIC’s 2022 Activity Plan, we committed to ensuring that 100% of these improvement suggestions are assessed and followed up. As of 31 July 2022, we have analysed 1,781 individual items of feedback provided by the community.

Of those items, we identified 434 that required action or follow-up from APNIC. The key themes of those items were:

  • Training content delivery
  • Use of labs in training sessions
  • Presentation improvements, including the pace of delivery and audio
  • Length of training sessions
  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design improvements

The high number of training-related opportunities can be correlated with the high amount of feedback received in that area. With a high volume of training activities in 2022 and surveys provided after each session, 72% of all feedback received was from this area.

Outside of the main themes identified, other important topics such as time zone concerns, APNIC Login issues, and content or feature suggestions were also raised.

All these feedback items are reviewed by a cross-functional group at APNIC to ensure they are investigated and followed up.

Some of the improvement suggestions by the community that have been implemented so far in 2022 have been:

  • Increasing the length of time of training sessions
  • Providing more training time options to cater for different time zones
  • Improving website information provided on Autonomous System Number (ASN) pricing and historical resource fee structure
  • Increasing face-to-face opportunities for training and the APNIC conference
  • Increasing the items available on the blog’s RSS feature
  • Mobile navigation of the APNIC website
  • Providing easier ways for community users to claim incentives in their economy

Further work is either planned or in progress on the following:

  • MyAPNIC user experience changes to improve navigation and design
  • Improving the communication provided to training session participants
  • Improving troubleshooting information and options for APNIC Login
  • Health and safety information/measures for APNIC 54
  • Adapting the content delivery of training, based on feedback provided
  • Improving the quality of presentations by APNIC staff and representatives

These improvements would not be possible without the help and assistance from everyone providing this valuable feedback.

In the next quarter, we are doing research on contact and profile management, the APNIC website, the mobile experience of the APNIC Academy, and our payments and billing process. To take part and help improve APNIC products and services for the whole community, sign up or get more information via the User Feedback Group.

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