Event Wrap: 36th TWNIC OPM

By on 20 Oct 2021

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Paul Wilson giving a video address at the Opening session.

APNIC participated in the 36th TWNIC Open Policy Meeting (OPM), held 6 October 2021, online.

There were 468 registrations for the event, which featured presentations on topics including 5G, cybersecurity, and IPv6.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson gave a video address at the Opening Remarks session, congratulating TWNIC on the event and noting the continued collaboration between APNIC and TWNIC.
  • Geoff Huston gave a keynote presentation on ‘BGP security threats and challenges’, discussing route hijacking and other security concerns affecting BGP.
  • George Kuo gave an update on the APNIC Policy Development Process and the policy proposals discussed at the APNIC 52 OPM.
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