Seven policy proposals up for discussion at APNIC 52

By on 25 Aug 2021

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The Open Policy Meeting at the APNIC 52 online-only conference will be held on 16 September 2021. Below is a snapshot of the seven new policy proposals up for discussion.

prop-135-v001: Documentation

This proposal suggests simplifying the supporting documentation required for resource requests and to remove any duplication. In the current policy document, sections 5.6 and 5.6.1 are repetitive in the Resource Request Supportive Document.

prop-136-v001: Registration requirements

Section 5.3 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies document is categorized into three subsections (sections 5.3.1, 5.3.2, and 5.3.3) based on each resource type. This proposal suggests changing the policy document by combining the individual resource type registration requirements into one section.

prop-137-v001: IPv6 assignment for Associate Members

This proposal suggests providing an incentive to small enterprises and academia/researchers to receive an IPv6 assignment. Under this proposal, APNIC Associate Members could request an IPv6 assignment with the restriction that the assignment cannot be further assigned to other organizations.

The Associate Member must agree to use and announce the IPv6 address space within 12 months according to this proposal. After that period, if the space is not announced or APNIC hostmasters believe that it is not in use, the assigned IPv6 address space should be reclaimed and returned to the free pool.

prop-138-v001: Restricting AS_ID in ROA

This proposal suggests restricting APNIC Members from creating ROAs with private, reserved, or unallocated ASNs. The policy aims to reduce mistakenly created bogon ROAs.

prop-139-v001: SOR not required

This proposal suggests deleting the Local Internet Registry (LIR) Second Opinion Request (SOR) process from the policy, which is rarely used. It is no longer required with the exhaustion of IPv4 and is not required with IPv6.

prop-140-v001: Update end-site definition

This proposal recommends clearly defining both ‘end-site and ‘end-user’ in the policy document to avoid any confusion with IPv4 and IPv6 delegations.

prop-141-v001: Change maximum delegation size of IPv4 address from 512 (/23) to 768 (/23+/24) addresses

This proposal suggests delegating:

  • An additional 256 (/24) IPv4 addresses to existing APNIC account holders who only received 512 (/23) IPv4 addresses after Thursday, 28 February 2019.
  • 768 IPv4 addresses (/23+/24) to new Members.

Participate! Have your say

Good policy relies on a range of opinions from people in different parts of the community, so it is important to get involved. They are developed through an open, transparent, and bottom-up process of consultation and consensus.

Have your say about these policy proposals by subscribing to the Policy SIG mailing list or participating directly during the APNIC 52 Policy SIG forum.

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