Event Wrap: 2nd ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum

By on 4 May 2021

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APNIC participated in the 2nd ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum, held from 15 to 16 April 2021 in Taipei together with the 35th TWNIC Open Policy Meeting (OPM).

This hybrid event was organized by ICANN and TWNIC to discuss common topics including Internet numbers, digital transformation, IPv6 deployment and cybersecurity, and welcomed 403 participants (on-site and online) in total.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson gave the welcome remarks at the Opening Session, alongside Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet; Wei-Chung Teng, Commissioner, National Communications Commission; Dannielle Andrews, Economic Section Chief, American Institute in Taiwan; Akinori Maemura,  ICANN Board; and Yuh-Jye Lee, Chairman of the Board, TWNIC.
  • Pablo Hinojosa gave a keynote presentation on ‘Internet Governance, Trends and Opportunities’ with reflections about the last 20 years and future trends.
  • George Michaelson gave a presentation on ‘Why RPKI really matters’ and the importance of routing security at the High Level Opening Plenary.
  • At the OPM, Adli Wahid gave a presentation on ‘What is Hitting my Honeypots’ on the observations from the APNIC Honeynet Project, how these issues were detected and remediated, and the lessons learned.
  • At the OPM Workshop on DNS and DoH, Sheryl (Shane) Hermoso moderated the panel and Geoff Huston presented on ‘DNS Oblivion’ on the complex many-layered model of DNS security, a new emerging world of choices for protecting traffic and hiding queries, and the future trends in ISP provided and independent third-party DNS services.
  • Geoff also gave a presentation at the IPv6 Deployment SIG on the current state of IPv6 deployment in the world, where the most active growth areas are, and whether COVID-19 impacted the momentum of IPv6 deployment.
  • Sunny Chendi participated at the IP Addresses Plenary Policy Authoring and Participation session, presenting on the APNIC policy framework and PDP.
  • Jamie Gillespie participated as a panellist in the first Cybersecurity Plenary where discussion centred on DNSSEC, IPv6 and routing security.
  • Pablo participated as a panellist in the Closing Plenary, which discussed the key takeaways from the two-day Forum.
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