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By on 24 Mar 2021

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With the continuing impacts of the pandemic restrictions being felt in the Internet community, and with most events all online for the foreseeable future, the APNIC Policy SIG Chairs (Acting Chair Betrand Cherrier and Co-Chair Ching-Heng Ku) realized the need for more opportunities for the community to discuss policy matters, in addition to the mailing list.

The Policy SIG Chairs have held two community consultations, one after the APNIC 50 Open Policy Meeting (OPM) and the most recent, last week, as a follow-up to the APNIC 51 OPM to discuss the Policy Documentation Review Report.

The Chairs and the APNIC Executive Council requested the review of documentation related to APNIC’s Policy Development Process (PDP), SIG Guidelines and the APNIC Policy document, which considers the feedback of APNIC Members and other parties, current practices around the region, and feedback received through policy proposals since APNIC 33.

The first consultation after APNIC 50 discussed aspects related to the PDP and SIG Guidelines. The latest consultation discussed recommendations related to the APNIC Policy document, which amalgamates individual policy documents into a single reference for ease of use.

The document review highlighted editorial concerns such as typos and repetition, areas where clarification or more information is needed (for example, terms that may require definitions), and operational concerns with the current policies that may require amendments through policy proposals from the community.

There was active discussion in the consultation regarding these points, in particular, the operational concerns, with the suggestion that a Working Group be formed to further review the recommendations. The Chairs endorsed this suggestion and have opened an Expression of Interest for volunteers to join the group.

Working Groups (WGs) may be formed around a particular work item and exist as long as it takes to complete the task. A WG is usually small in size and consists of volunteers willing to dedicate themselves to one particular task. They are formed as a result of recommendations from the SIGs. WGs report their work back to the SIG for deliberation.

Join the Working Group

If you are interested in joining the WG, please complete this form by Friday, 26 March 2021. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Policy SIG Chairs at: policy [@]

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