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By on 3 Feb 2021

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Do you have experience adapting your network amid the COVID-19 pandemic? The Cooperation Special Interest Group (SIG) wants to hear from you.

The Cooperation SIG is a forum to discuss broader Internet issues like cyber policy and Internet governance. Its purpose is to promote cooperation between the APNIC community and the wider technical and non-technical Internet communities. The Cooperation SIG has discussed a variety of topics during recent events:

  • During APNIC 50, we discussed legal interception of telecommunications and how law enforcement and ISPs interact.
  • During APNIC 49, we talked about how recent efforts in developing ‘cyber norms’ can support incident response capabilities and prevent cross-jurisdictional conflicts.
  • During APNIC 48, we discussed how network operators and CSIRTs cooperate to tackle abuses online and how to resolve the attribution challenge.

You can watch the APNIC 50 Cooperation SIG discussion below.

We look forward to our next session at APNIC 51 (held during APRICOT 2021) on Monday, 1 March from 17:15 to 18:15 (UTC +10:00) (7:15-8:15 (UTC)).

What will the next Cooperation SIG be about?

We’re suggesting this session should be about the role of network operators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we are seeking expressions of interest from those who might wish to participate in this session, in particular, those with examples of how the APNIC community has cooperated with the health sector and how network operators have adapted their businesses in the face of the pandemic.

If you are interested in speaking at this session or can recommend possible speakers, please do answer this invitation by sending an email to the Cooperation-SIG mailing list. You are welcome to subscribe via this link.

We hope to see you at the APNIC 51 Cooperation SIG!

Joy Chan is Chair of the Cooperation SIG.

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