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By on 8 Jul 2020

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George Michaelson presenting on APNIC's RDAP deployment to the cloud.

APNIC participated at the ninth Registration Operations Workshop (ROW #9), held online on 16 June 2020.

ROW is an informal industry conference that provides a forum for discussion of the technical aspects of registration operations in the Domain Name System.

The event welcomed around 100 participants to hear from speakers on topics including RDAP, EEP extension and Drone Remote Identification Protocol. View the agenda for more information.

APNIC activities:

  • Geoff Huston participated as a panellist in the ‘DNS Privacy and Encryption’ session and also gave a presentation on the ‘Implications of DNS Encryption’. Geoff discussed the impact on the unitary name space of a move to use ‘embedded’ DNS methods such as DoH, and the wider implications for Internet usage and governance, as the name space fragmented and went ‘dark’.
  • George Michaelson presented on APNIC’s on-premise single-VM RDAP deployment into the cloud.
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