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By on 1 Jul 2020

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Participants at the Awareness Campaign Toolkit session.

APNIC participated at the virtual 2020 meeting and sub-events of the Global Forum of Cyber Expertise (GFCE-V Meeting 2020), held from 15 April to 1 June 2020.

APNIC activities:

  • Adli Wahid observed the ‘CSIRT Maturity’ session on 20 May. Discussion at this session focused on measuring and enhancing maturity as an essential aspect of national CSIRT capacity building.
  • Melody Bendindang and Joyce Chen observed the ‘Regional Consultation Session for AP region’ on 20 May where discussion centred on how the GFCE can contribute to cyber capacity needs for the Asia Pacific region.
  • The APNIC Foundation’s Duncan Macintosh presented on the work the Foundation is doing on capacity building in the Asia Pacific region in the ‘Lessons Learnt on CCB Implementation’ session on 22 May.
  • Melody also participated in the ‘Awareness Campaign Toolkit’ session held on 27 May, which discussed different awareness campaign projects, materials and toolkits. Melody explained how APNIC is adapting to the COVID-19 impact and continuing to raise awareness of cybersecurity by increasing online learning and operational content through the APNIC Academy Honeynet Project and Dashboard for Autonomous System Health (DASH), and sharing important cybersecurity information on the APNIC Blog.
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